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Tilebazzar, Runners up at Novatia ’16 at BITS PILANI-GOA – September 2016

Coalescence is an annual fest organized at BITS PILANI GOA, having a B-Plan Competition named as Novatia. Tilebazzar was runners up of the same.

Tilebazzar, covered by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.

It covers the aspects about how Tilebazzar aims to revolutionize the Ceramic Industry.

Tilebazzar, covered by – May 2016

The interview highlights the journey of Siblings Startup.

Tilebazzar, covered in Startup Corner of Ahmedabad Mirror – May 2016

The interview what Tilebazzar aims to do, and the hurdles it has faced in its journey.

Tilebazzar received its first Pre-Seed Funding – April 2016

Tilebazzar one of the 12 startups to receive seed funding.

Tilebazzar featured during its research period. – February 2016

Tilebazzar features when, it was conducting its research and preparing its products.